Temps Bed


The TEMPS Bed (Triage & Emergency Management Preparedness System Bed) system is an easy-to-assemble, knock-down patient bed (patient gurney) that provides a unique solution to your organization’s need for additional bed capacity resulting from a mass casualty incident or routine emergency department overflow.  Extend your organization’s surge bed capacity with this unique emergency bed system. 

Join other organizations (hospitals, EMS, emergency departments, first responders, etc.) who have the PVC TEMPS Bed systems on hand in case of any mass casualty event where your emergency preparedness plan will include a need for temporary or emergency bed capacity.  This temporary bed system is unrivaled in its flexibility — whether your organization needs surge capacity (overflow capacity), is treating patients injured as a result of acts of nature, weather, accidents or terrorism OR is treating and possibly performing decontamination on patients injured/contaminated as a results of bioterrorism, pandemic or epidemic.

The TEMPS bed is constructed of the highest quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin structural tubing which will not chip, dent, crack, peel, fade, stain or sustain bacterial growth. The patient support sling is a vinyl coated polyester mesh and is tension adjustable for maximum patient comfort.

The TEMPS bed has been developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of trauma and emergency medical care and has been field tested in rigorous multiple casualty disaster drills in hospitals in several states.



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